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CRIMSON SOUTHPAW Tellim Harobed 11 September, 1996

leftie left to dance in a room overfull of wrong-sided people

i move left, everyone else moves right (wrong)

my face burns crimson, red as the right foot of the (unfortunate) person on my left side

oh, well at least I'm unique

Did you ever see a left-handed caveman?
In the early dawn of civilization, all men and women used whichever hand was most convenient for finding food, climbing hills and mountains, building shelters, and even drawing pictures on the walls of their caves.
Most anthropologists agree that handedness was probably split evenly between lefties and righties thousands of years ago. Artifacts found all over the world prove that Stone Age man (2,000,000-8000 B.C.) made crude instruments which could be used with either hand.
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Did you know that there are studies which imply that left-handers don't live as long as right-handers?
That's because the researchers - all righties, no doubt - failed to consider that until the last fifty or so years, almost all lefties were switched…forced to use their right hands…so of course there weren't as many septuagenarians or octogenarians around. Myths and mysteries persist about this estimated 15% of the world's population - some 40 million lefties in the U.S. alone.

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